Design Trend for 2013: Antique Mirrors


I doubt that there are many of us who don’t have a mirror or three at home, be they full-sized ones that we check ourselves out in before we leave the house, or a collection of small ones over a mantelpiece.  What most fail to remember is that a mirror can be a work of art unto itself: some of the most beautiful pieces in historic homes are the intricately carved looking-glasses that hang about the walls. French Hand-Carved Wooden Mirror

 Photo by French Finds

One of the design trends for 2013 is the integration of antique mirrors into home décor.  You don’t need to have a house that’s entirely decked out in Edwardian or Art Deco finery to pull this off, either—the different styles, shapes, and colours can complement any décor –  whether it’s by working with the furniture and decorations you have, or by creating an interesting contrast to it all. Let’s say your home is very modern and minimalist, with mostly neutral tones and geometric shapes. Hanging a large gilded Victorian mirror on the wall would create a fantastic focal point in any room it’s placed in. If you’re feeling adventurous and not squeamish about altering an antique, you could do something like paint the mirror frame red or orange for a startling splash of colour that’s not often associated with such accessories.

5 Antique Mirrors

Gilded: Minerva Antiques | French: Alexander and Pearl | Silver: Vintage Vibe | Pine: Wayfair | Cherubs: Ebay

Check out vintage shops, flea markets, and even your grandparents’ attics to see if you can find a mirror that suits your fancy. You never know what treasures you might find when you least expect it, and you can radically change the feel of a room with just one simple piece of glass in a frame.

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